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SPA Capsules procedure: description and its effects

By hqt / 23 7 月, 2020

SPA capsules  procedure: description and its effects

SPA capsule procedure is an unusual word, and many people associate it with a miracle medicine for body and health care. In fact, this is the name of an innovative technology that can have a positive impact on the entire human body. SPA capsules are several options for cosmetic procedures in special chambers or capsules, and the appearance is similar to the horizontal installation of a solarium.

Table of Contents

  • Approximate cost of the procedure
  • The possibility of the procedure and its effectiveness
  • Program instructions in SPA capsules
  • Contraindications in SPA capsules
  • SPA capsule options
  • Other therapies in SPA capsule surgery

SPA capsules

SPA capsules

The rejuvenation effect of this chamber is due to a phenomenon called oxygenation-the supply of oxygen flow at high pressure. In fact, such capsules fill human cells with active oxygen, which helps to activate the epidermis and its deepest cell metabolism and skin respiration.

As employees of well-known SPA institutions said, such an oxygen chamber helps to remove all decay products, toxins and toxins from the body, and helps the body to clean itself naturally. Among them, this capsule is excellent for weight loss purposes.

Approximate cost of the procedure

The cost of a meeting in the capsule depends on the total number of meetings, the popularity of the company, and even the quality of the equipment provided to the company.

For example, the cost of a regular meeting in the SPA camera is about 500 rubles, but if the customer chooses other influences during the meeting, the cost will increase to 2000-3000 thousand rubles. According to the beautician, the procedures in this type of capsule allow you to organize your body and body quickly and effectively. In addition, in this complicated process, you can program the client’s body to reduce excess volume and kilograms.

The possibility of the procedure and its effectiveness

There are many positive effects of using capsules, including:

  • Treat and eliminate obesity
  • Safely treat and eliminate “orange peel”
  • Strengthen the chest area
  • The body is generally relaxed
  • Improve skin appearance
  • Rehabilitation after breastfeeding and childbirth
  • Cleanse toxins and toxins in the body
  • Oxygen saturation and skin nutrition
  • Speed up recovery after injury
  • Get rid of neuropathological conditions and diseases
  • Promote skin healing, eliminate psoriasis and dermatitis
  • The body will recover after exhaustion and long-term illness.

SPA capsules  procedure

SPA capsules can restore health

In the capsule program, you can achieve:

  1. Stimulate perspiration
  2. Promote blood circulation
  3. Eliminate the fatigue of the body’s muscle system
  4. Perform massage and spa
  5. Use a variety of essential oil-based inhalants, which can exert aromatic and therapeutic effects

Program instructions in SPA capsules

  1. Chronic fatigue syndrome
  2. Depression, anxiety, fatigue, sleep disturbance
  3. Due to the rhythm disorder of the human body’s functional system, various psychological and physiological functions of the human body have changed
  4. Obesity 1-3 degrees
  5. Need cosmetic medicine for body and body care.

Contraindications in SPA capsules

If the customer has the following conditions, the functions of these capsules are prohibited:

  1. Crying dermatitis
  2. Acute inflammatory disease
  3. Chronic diseases in the acute phase
  4. Angina.

SPA capsules options

There are two versions of Oxygen SPA capsules:

1. “Dry” version, works like a dry sauna
2. Infusion options.
The “dry” chamber is an option for body skin care, which includes deep heating of the body with dry air. A special microclimate will be reformed on the capsule wall to perform actions with the help of dry dry air-music therapy, vibration massage, various inhalations, etc. The desired mode in this camera can be programmed for certain intensity and number of actions.

SPA capsules are the latest choice for body skin care. The operating essence of this camera is to apply the two basic principles of thermal influence to obtain significant and long-lasting cosmetic effects.

Under the action of infrared radiation, the human body is actively heating up, and under the action of steam, a special steam layer is formed, which wraps various skin areas of the human body. This healing steam may contain ingredients from algae or aromatic oil-so the effect of steam on the human body becomes more effective and beneficial.

In this process, the human body will be deeply heated by 4 cm, so the metabolism under the skin is obviously accelerated, which stimulates the conversion of fat cells and eliminates fat cells. Among other things, the removal of toxins and toxins is accelerated.

Benefits of SPA capsules

Infusion capsule

If you decide to clean all unnecessary and unnecessary things effectively and beneficially, if you want to find your ideal figure and improve your appearance, then SPA capsules will help you complete this hard work and accelerate the realization of your dreams.

Other therapies in SPA capsule surgery

To supplement the overall effectiveness of the program, the following also apply

  1. Air ion therapy-therapy based on ionized air molecules
  2. Music therapy-using sounds of a specific frequency range to achieve relaxation, comfort, physical and mental rest, and tranquility
  3. Oxygenation-oxygen supply and saturation of the body
  4. Vibration massage-use a special massager to massage the body
  5. Hyperthermia-a combination of the effects of temperature and oxygen on the body
  6. Hyperthermia-the effect of high temperature from 38 to 80 degrees on the human body.


With age or prolonged stress environment, human skin loses its natural moisture and nutrients, and its appearance reflects the negative emotions conveyed, which makes us look old, tired and painful. Many people seek the help of plastic surgeons as early as possible because there are so many types of anti-aging surgeries for different ages and different problems in the clinic. However, if you are not one of the people eager to go to the plastic surgery operating room, please go to the beauty clinic you know. It usually happens that no surgical intervention is required. A complicated special procedure or a specific type of procedure is sufficient.

Through a complex process-resurrection can provide excellent complex effects. It includes biological regeneration and mesotherapy technology. The use of a special repair mixture based on hyaluronic acid can replenish skin moisture and balance its condition.

Applying hyaluronic acid mixture can replenish skin moisture and balance body condition

Applying hyaluronic acid mixture can replenish skin moisture and balance body condition

Many of us want to stay fresh and young for many years, that is to ensure the perfect appearance and condition of the skin. Must clean, condition, moisturize and nourish the skin properly, and use special vitamin complexes. If you are young, this is enough, especially if you exercise, sleep properly and eat a balanced diet. But as you grow older, the situation will obviously not benefit you.

After several years, the dermis and epidermis at the cellular level began to become slower. This indicates that the production of elastin and collagen in the cells has become qualitatively reduced, and the skin has lost hyaluronic acid in deeper layers, so its moisture content has decreased. The result of reduced skin moisture is many wrinkles, skin pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and weak skin tone. Covering up and concealing cosmetic blemishes is of no avail here-such problems can be solved by eliminating age-related changes in the body and specific problems that cause skin aging.

Dermatologists and cosmetic clinics recommend using the resurrection complex, which is one of the most popular joint surgery complexes, and therefore an effective complex. Resurrection is useful for those who spend too much time in the sun; it can restore skin health after sunburn and various stresses. The complex restores skin tone, helps to look younger and eliminates skin changes.

Resurrection element
What is involved in the complex procedure?

Biological regeneration-introducing natural hyaluronic acid into the dermis without making it deteriorate, helping to enhance the skin’s nutrition, moisturizing and protection. After the operation, the skin becomes smooth, its color and elasticity are improved, and wrinkles are eliminated. The metabolic process in the skin is obviously restored. In order to carry out biological regeneration, high-quality effective drugs that do not cause side effects are used. The hyaluronic acid used in this procedure has an acceptable molecular composition and is actually similar to natural acid
Biological regeneration

Biological regeneration

Mesotherapy is to introduce a strictly calculated dose of a special active drug into the dermis. The effectiveness of this process depends on the effect of the injection on the skin receptor and the medical effect of the injected drug on the skin layer. Mesotherapy helps increase blood flow in the skin, activate metabolic processes at the cellular level, and restore skin cells. Compared with special cosmetics, Mesotherapy is very effective. Its effect is very deep, first penetrates the epidermis and dermis, and then penetrates into the deep layers of the skin. This procedure helps maintain long-term youth.

SPA Capsules Mesotherapy

Using tried-and-tested products helps to restore the skin, enhance its flexibility and elasticity, and restore the skin layers at the cellular level. The long-term effect of this method can be explained by the high concentration of the drug, because the content of hyaluronic acid is dozens of times higher than its percentage in the skin.

Thanks to hyaluronic acid, it can provide human skin with unparalleled nutrition, regeneration, hydration and elasticity. Hyaluronic acid can enhance the deep skin metabolism, has antioxidant properties, and can resist toxins. The molecular hyaluronic acid contributes to the formation of collagen, decomposes into disaccharides and monosaccharides, combines with water molecules, and becomes the “building material” necessary for the synthesis of skin cells and natural hyaluronic acid.

The resurrection procedure is not a one-dimensional exercise. In addition to the use of hyaluronic acid, the complex also introduces the use of modern drugs that can restore youth-coenzymes, amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

Coenzymes can accelerate the skin’s metabolic processes and tissue synthesis, and these processes are negatively affected by age-related changes and aggressive environmental factors. In addition, coenzymes can delay skin aging.
Amino acids are part of the normal process of synthesis and tissue repair, and can undergo age-related changes or be affected by aggressive environmental factors. Amino acids are essential for tissues
Minerals and vitamins can rejuvenate the skin and tissues. They are the strongest antioxidants, able to prevent inflammation, normalize cell metabolism, nourish and enhance the protection of tissues and cells.
The choice of drugs for the complex is individually selected by the doctor. Consider the balance of composition and the existence of individually identified age-related skin problems.

At the end of the operation, and then the entire treatment, you need to see a doctor for special care and to ensure a quick skin recovery period.

Program instructions
Treat various skin dehydration and enhance moisture
Correct skin age-related changes: uneven skin looseness, small and medium wrinkles, loose skin, sagging and atrophy
Chronic fatigue syndrome, skin pressure
Prepare your skin for beach season and recover after sun exposure
Specific anti-sunburn treatment for fair skin
Cooper disease-violation of skin circulation
Additional procedures in complex procedures to eliminate light skin decomposition
Various skin changes related to menopause and menopause onset
Anti-aging for active sports and leisure enthusiasts, including mountaineering, hiking, skiing, windsurfing, diving and others.
All procedures require early consultation with your doctor or beautician.