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What is a SPA Capsule: contraindications, principle of action

By hqt / 23 7 月, 2020

What is a SPA Capsule: contraindications, principle of action

For women, it is important to look beautiful in any life situation. This applies not only to the face, but also to the body. A fit figure and velvety skin are the guarantee that women are always in the area of concern for men. It is not the last moment to maintain physical and mental health.

SPA Capsule

Many SPA salons advertise different procedures to restore beauty and youth to beauty while healing the body.

table of Contents

  1. SPA capsules-what is this??
  2. history
  3. Indications and contraindications
  4. Special effects
  5. Types of SPA capsules
  6. Program
  7. result
  8. Number of procedures
  9. price
  10. in conclusion

SPA capsules-what is this?

This is a design with many functions and a series of procedures, combining natural elements for healthy activities.
For example, water, heat, aroma, sound, light

The hydrotherapy capsule looks like a long oval cabin, the size of which varies according to the number of procedures performed. She is standing on a pedestal high enough. The patient is placed inside for a designated time.

The operation of the capsule is controlled by a computer, and all data is displayed on the monitor. The set parameters can be changed at any time.

SPA Capsule History

Initially, the name SPA was used by an urban resort located in Belgium. Then his name became a household name.

Because the name began to indicate the complex procedures performed using fresh water and salt water, various algae and mud. All this perfectly restores weakened organisms, rejuvenates them, and is an excellent way to prevent diseases

Soon after, aromatherapy, color therapy and music therapy began to be added to spa treatments to provide a state of relaxation and complete rest.

Now they have established a world-famous spa. These are Abano Terme in Italy and Evien Vichy built in France. Soon after, aromatherapy, color therapy and music therapy began to be added to spa treatments to provide a state of relaxation and complete rest.

Now they have established a world-famous spa. These are Abano Terme in Italy and Evien Vichy built in France.

Indications and contraindications

People with the following diseases need to use medical capsules:

  • overweight;
  • Skin aging (wrinkles, reduced skin tone);
  • Physical intoxication
  • Cellulite
  • stripe
  • Injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Muscle pain, tension;
  • Reduced immunity, leading to persistent viral diseases;
  • Head pain
  • Poor sleep
  • Depression, nervousness.

In addition to the indications, there are many contraindications, do not want to use SPA capsules:

  • The inflammatory process in the body during the acute phase;
  • Chronic diseases of internal organs;
  • Angina pectoris;
  • Ischemia
  • dermatitis.

For many other diseases, the intensity of water massage will only decrease, the temperature will decrease, and so on. Therefore, you should consult a doctor before proceeding.

Special effects

1、Steam sauna. The specific temperature and humidity inside the capsule help relax and open all pores on the skin. Therefore, the active cosmetic ingredients are more likely to penetrate as deeply as possible.

2、Infrared sauna. The rays penetrate deep into the skin and reach the muscles, relaxing them. The fatigue disappeared quickly and the patient felt completely relaxed.

3、Aromatherapy. The process is carried out using aromatic oils, which can relax the body, or conversely brighten the body.

4、Water massage. It is produced by the pressure of the water jet. There are several changes. You can massage the whole body or part of the body. It all depends on the procedure chosen by the patient.

5、Vibration massage. Performed by pulsation. As a result, relaxation occurs, muscle cramps disappear, and blood circulation improves

6、Color therapy. Capsules use several colors or their combination. Considering the personal situation and the desired effect, choose a program for each person. For example, yellow, orange, and red reduce blood pressure, restore blood pressure to normal, and make the nervous system tone. Green and purple are designed to relax the body.

7、Musical accompaniment. The SPA capsule is equipped with a stereo system, in which you can listen to music or the sounds of nature. Singing birds and water sounds are considered very popular. Music distracts people’s daily busyness and helps people remember some pleasant things. All this is done through the soundtrack in the SPA capsule.

8、Oxygen therapy. In other words, it is called an oxygen chamber. The oxygen content inside the capsule increases, and when combined with cosmetics, it can not only rejuvenate the skin, but also rejuvenate the entire body.

9、Air ionization. The stream of ionized air opens up to the patient’s face. At the same time, no discomfort was felt.

Types of  SPA Capsules
There are only two types of SPA capsules:

b.Hydrogenation diffusion.

The former are usually small and do not have many nursing procedures. However, due to the dry hot air, they will inhale. Practice music therapy and use chromotherapy.

The latter also have a container for storing liquids, so they can be used for water massage and salt baths. The body tissues are warmed up well and all toxins are eliminated.

This type allows you to perform aroma and phytotherapy packages. The capsule has hydromassage, shower, bubble and aroma bath procedures.

SPA Capsule Program

Spa treatment. It can be done all or individually. This option is selected with the help of an expert who develops the program based on the functions provided by the capsule. For example, a device called Dermalife Spa Jet aims to complete a thalassotherapy in one go.

recovery. SPA capsules can be purchased not only by beauty salons, but also by sports organizations, medication clinics and other medical institutions.

Weight loss and cellulite. The capsule uses cosmetic substances that promote lipolysis. In addition, the visitor of the operation will be able to relax completely, reach a calm state, and be full of positive emotions. All of these will have a great impact on eating behavior.

A comprehensive Ayurveda course. They are performed by Shirodhara system using special capsules. They can implement exclusive plans to relax their bodies.

Spa treatments can bring amazing results:

  • Improve emotional background;
  • relaxation;
  • Remove toxins from the body;
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Improve blood circulation;
  • Enhance the effectiveness of cosmetics;
  • Improve skin appearance;
  • Remove excess fluid from the body.

Number of procedures

The number of programs in the SPA Capsule is calculated based on the problems encountered by the applicant. For example, only after the entire course of treatment, the cellulite treatment will have an effect. One course of treatment is enough to relieve stress. You can repeat it as many times as needed.

SPA Capsule Price

The treatment time ranges from half an hour to 90 minutes and is used for packaged cosmetics. Therefore, the prices are different from each other. For example, a procedure performed in a SPA capsule is called hyperthermia and costs 100 to 700 USD

in conclusion

SPA capsules are a great way to look young and beautiful. Feel calm and balanced. Just enjoy it