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What SPA Capsules procedure models are profitable to install in beauty salons?

By hqt / December 6, 2020

How much should spa capsule treatments cost?

This galactic device is actually a relaxation machine. It is a spa massage capsule with aromatherapy , video and sound. According to SPA Capsules procedure, it provides dry environment. This capsule is a hydrotherapy machine. Moreover, it uses jets of water, but a membrane covers the entire body of the person thus preventing it from getting wet.

What is SPA Capsules procedure?

SPA Capsules procedure is adopting the same posture as on a massage table. The user closes the capsule and the process begins.  Hence, it starts with jets of warm water that runs through our body as if it were scanning it. The user can enjoy the music and the relaxing video that is projected on an LCD screen.

From another screen the area on which we want to deepen the massage, the intensity and the duration work according to program. There is also a button that allows causing the total stop. In case of power failure there is no problem to get out, since the capsule can be easily opened manually.

SPA Capsules procedure

The installation procedure of spa capsule

Spa Capsule does not need plumbing installation. Basically, it includes a distilled water tank that circulates every time we use it. Moreover, it operates completely independently. It means a considerable saving in water compared to other hydro massage systems.

Advantages of SPA capsule

Another great advantage is that it allows you to connect any external video and audio device. And thus personalize our sessions. In addition, it together with the 120 essential oils in its aromatic diffuser will make your spa a sensory experience of relaxation and health.

Thermal action: The application of the method called localized thermo-adipose metabolization consists of a procedure. It comes with the practice of predetermined exercises with a slight muscular overload in an established environment. Moreover, it exists in modules heated by heating devices, at a temperature of 37º. Similarly, the maximum enzymatic activity allowing to promote blood circulation to the maximum.

What is spa capsule ozone therapy procedure?

Ozone therapy:  SPA Capsules procedure plays an important role because it favors peripheral microcirculation. It oxygenates the most critical superficial tissues. And thus reactivating the elimination of toxins and waste. In addition, it greatly helps cellulite disappear.

It also hydrates the skin giving it a youthful and smooth appearance, texture. Oxygen has healing and anti-stress properties. Furthermore, it prevents osteoporosis, arthritis; stops and slows down the aging process.


  • Increases blood circulation.
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system.
  • Burn 900 to 2,500 calories in a single session.
  • Eliminates body aches without toxic side effects.
  • Relax the muscles and increase their flexibility.
  • It deeply cleanses the skin and removes toxic waste from the body, allowing better oxygenation.
  • It invigorates the immune system, reduces tension and fatigue.
  • Eliminates dead skin cells.
  • Improves and firms the tone and elasticity of the skin.
  • Stimulates the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production.

If you are looking for a new way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the world, tighten the skin on the bottom, pay attention to the SPA capsule. It is a capacious reservoir equipped with technologies to heal. In addition, it rejuvenates the body and relieves stress.

Spa capsule procedure Benefits for beauty and health

SPA Capsules procedure is a whole complex of procedures in one bottle. First of all, it has an analgesic effect:

  • relieves stress
  • fatigue
  • insomnia
  • treats varicose veins
  • improves metabolism and
  • prevents SARS

It is the SPA capsule that can become the hope of those desperate to lose weight. The effect is short-lived, but you can easily fit into your favorite dress for a festive party. In the capsule, you can carry out lymphatic drainage, as well as get rid of the “orange peel”.


Capsules come into two subtypes:

  1. dry and
  2. hydro fusion

The “water” SPA capsule is a combination of infrared radiation and hot steam. It is a kind of sauna effect. It removes dirt and slags and cleans pores. Thus, the skin gets a new tone. Accordingly, it takes on a healthy appearance and becomes silky to the touch. Before the procedure, it will be useful to do a wrap so that the pores open better and absorb the healing steam.

Choose the number of sessions at your discretion. But it is better to consult with specialists or a doctor. It is important for those who don’t know the SPA Capsules procedure.  The ideal option so that you feel both the effect and the body doesn’t feel any burden.

SPA Capsules procedure: contraindications

SPA Capsules procedure follows a protocol. For it, all people should avoid with:

  • any skin diseases
  • ischemic disease
  • inflammation
  • Trauma and wounds.

The capsule is not recommended for people with claustrophobia.

Spa capsule is innovative equipment that appeared relatively recently, but has managed to gain popularity in beauty salons, sanatoriums and resorts. The spa capsule helps to fully carry out the relaxation procedure and get rid of excess weight.

That is why there are more and more people who want to experience its effects. Let’s try to figure out what spa capsules are and what are the benefits of using them in the beauty industry.

You will learn:

  1. How does the spa capsule work?
  2. What treatments are carried out in spa capsules?
  3. What are the indications and contraindications for the use of spa capsules?
  4. How to choose a spa capsule?
  5. How much should spa capsule treatments cost?
  6. What models of spa capsules are profitable to install in beauty salons?
  7. How to advertise spa capsule treatments?

SPA Capsules procedure company

 What is a SPA Capsules procedure?

First of all, let’s find out the meaning of the first part of the word “spa”. And it came from the name of a small resort town in Belgium, famous in European countries for its unique healing waters. Interesting fact: the popular Formula 1 track – Spa-Francorchamps – also runs here in the province of Liege.

The word “spa” is associated more with the name of the city because of its healing waters. Gradually, it became a common noun and is used in speech when talking about any health-improving procedure using mineral waters.

What is meant by the word Capsule?

A person not familiar with the meaning of the term can imagine anything under a spa capsule. It can be a pill capsule to a space capsule. In reality, this is a medical multifunctional device that acts on human skin with water:

  • warm steam
  • light
  • infrared rays
  • And cosmetics for a healing and rejuvenating effect.

We can find such high-tech equipment in medical and recreational facilities, medical organizations, and cosmetic and spa salons. With the help of SPA Capsules procedure, it is possible to relieve tension, get rid of stress. It also improves the general well-being and mood of a person. In addition, it is an excellent remedy for overweight control that does not require any effort from the patient.

Spa capsules allow for a range of beauty treatments. These are various massages with water and air, chromotherapy, aromatherapy and thermotherapy. The capsule combines several methods of exposure to human skin at the same time. Moreover, there is a system of showers that direct water to the patient.


The SPA Capsules procedure has been proven to work effectively for weight loss as the treatments restore metabolism. Separate devices help to enhance the effect of special cosmetology products. Therefore they are successfully used in the beauty industry. Almost all such equipment allows you to achieve deep relaxation.

Moreover, it speeds up metabolism and warms up various muscle groups, and this makes it in demand in large sports centers. Special spa capsules are also produced in relatively small sizes for home use. There are two types of capsules according to the method of action – dry and water. The equipment, the functions of which are based on

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