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The 31st East China Fair opened grand, Shanghai Baobang won the Innovation Award!

By macypanhbot / 14 7 月, 2023

The 31st East China Fair opened grand, Shanghai Baobang won the Innovation Award!

On the morning of July 12, the 31st East China Fair kicked off at the Pudong New International Export Center. The Fair is jointly sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Commerce Commission, the Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Shandong Povincial Department of Commerce, the Nanjing and the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Commerce. The fair, held from July 12 to 15, brings together the advantages of East China’s foreign trade enterprises, with an exhibition size of 105200 square meters. It is expected that 33000 buyers at home and abroad will come to negotiate procurement.

The current East China Fair will focus on the toughness and advantages of East China’s foreign trade, as well as the vigorous vitality of textile, clothing and light industry products through a professional forum, four major professional theme exhibitions, six procurement conferences, 5234 booths and 105200 square meters, with the theme of “New exhibibition opened, wonderful trade coming”. It focuses on the new value of the East China Fair at the new historical starting point.

At the opening ceremony, the East China Fair Innovation Award was also held to award licences to 34 outstanding foreign trade enterprises in Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi and Shandong, as well as Nanjing, Ningbo and Hangzhou. Shanghai Baobang Medical device Co., Ltd. is one of them confirmed by the final evaluation of the General Assembly judges. Shanghai Baobang participated in the evaluation of oxygen Star 1 Fu 4000 soft body oxygen module, which won this honor.

During the exhibition, Zhang Xiong, deputy secretary-general of Shanghai, and his party came to the Shanghai Baobang booth to guide the exhibition. The staff of the Shanghai Baobang exhibition introduced the award-winning product oxygen Star 1 Fu 4000 hyperbaric oxygen chamber to him and his following.

Fu 4000 is a new product listed in Shanghai Baobang in 2023, which uses patented technology U-shaped hatch zipper to make it more convenient for super-large doors to enter (Patent No. ZL 2020 3 0504918.6). It can accommodate two users, and the unique scientific design provides the possibility of using the oxygen tank for users with mobility difficulties in wheelchairs, which is easy to operate and make sure safety.

Technological innovation is the lifeblood of high quality development of enterprises, from the production of hairdressers, containers and other electronic products, to the successful transformation and development of the first domestic high-quality private enterprises to open up the domestic hyperbaric oxygen tank market. Shanghai Baobang relies on innovation to seek change.

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber can effectively solve the problem of lack of oxygen in human body, and plays an auxiliary role in relieving pressure, improving cell vitality, anti-aging, daily health care and so on. Not only can people’s quality of life be improved, but also play a great role in modern health.

After the live display of the China Fair, it was favored by many businessmen around the world. Xinhua News Agency reporter also conducted a live interview with the exhibitors on the afternoon of the 12th.

Under the concern and guidance of the Ministry of Commerce, Shanghai Baobang has continuously strengthened the cultivation of its own brand in recent years. Through the independent research and development of new technologies, the development of new products and new styles will continue to be vigorously promoted in the domestic and foreign markets, so as to maximize the benefits of innovative design.